6 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Rates After An Accident

If you or someone close to you had an accident, regardless of whether anyone gets hurt or not, there is a good chance that you will feel some pain in your pocket immediately your car insurance is up for renewal.

This is because car insurance firms and companies usually raise the premium of drivers who have been involved in any accident recently (Premium is the amount you pay periodically to your insurance company for coverage).

Lucky enough, there is a good chance that your premium remains the same. If the accident is not your fault, your driving history is free from violations and insurance claims and if it is your first you may not get a premium increase.car-insurance-rates7

On the contrary, if your insurance company thinks you have been in involved in too many accidents or if you are to blame for the accident; your premium is likely to increase.

How much you will have to pay varies from one company to another and it depends on how fatal the accident is. Furthermore, if you happen to be at fault and someone gets injured in the process, it is highly like that you lose you good driver discount and your premium could increase as much as 20 to 25 percent and this increase will generally stay on your premium for at least 3 years.

There is no need to panic. We have put together some advices on how you can avoid the increase in premium after being involved in an accident says injury attorneys dallas.Money-Downtrend-arrow-keyimage

Always tell your insurer about any accident, no matter how small. Regardless of whether it is a minor accident and no one gets hurt or the accident was not your fault. You might be tempted not to tell you insurance company about it because you think they will increase you premium if they find out. But you are wrong, if the other driver involved sues you some months or week later, your insurer might not honor the policy because you never reported it. Your only hope of solution might be your legal bill and any potential judgment in complainant’s favor and this bill will definitely be higher than any premium.

I you ask you policy to include an accident forgiveness clause. Statistic proves that a driver will get into an accident every 17.9 years. Some insurance companies follow this principle, so they might willingly ignore your first accident and not raise you premium. Some companies will give forgive your first accident immediately while others while other will only grant it if you are an accident-free policy holder for at least 3 to 5 years.

Take driving classes: taking a driving course will makes your insurer see you as someone who is trying to improve his driving skills and they may show some mercy on your next premium renewal.

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How To Deal With An Injury At Work?

With basic knowledge of accident claims, some patience and a bit of organization, you might be able to deal with your personal injury without the services of a personal injury lawyer, and without your insurance company unfairly reducing or denying your compensation says injury attorneys dallas. If your injuries are minor and you possess the right information, you may just end up receiving the compensation you deserve by handling the claims process by yourself. You also won’t have to worry about lawyer fees.

Of course there are times when hiring the services of a personal injury lawyer can be very helpful, even necessary, especially in cases which involve serious or permanent disabling injuries at your workplace.

Generally, workplace injuries occur because of unsafe work environments, defective equipment or contaminated environments with hazardous chemicals. Jobs that also require difficult or repetitive movements such as heavy lifting or factory labor may cause injury to anyone.

Types of Work-Related Injuries

Types of work-related injuries and illnesses that are eligible for compensation include long-term conditions that develop overtime because of unsafe or poor working conditions (for instance digestive and certain cardiovascular conditions). In addition, personal injuries such as slip and fall injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and others resulting from workplace accidents fall under work-related injury law. Other emotional and psychological conditions caused by hostile workplace atmosphere are also eligible for compensation.

Work-related injuries come in a range of contexts. Any of these injuries have the potential to severely or permanently compromise someone’s ability to live and work normally. In addition to being extremely painful, they may be detrimental to your ability to earn, compromising your family’s financial stability. A personal injury lawyer with experience in filing workplace injury lawsuits may help you get the compensation you deserve to cover your injury related expenses and your family’s financial security.Work-Injury

Do I Need A Lawyer for Workplace Injury?

If you’ve suffered a workplace related injury, it might be prudent to get legal advice. A lawyer will help promote your interests and legal rights when you’re injured on the job. Should there be any complications in your compensation claim process, your lawyer will advise you on your legal rights and furnish you with all the relevant information needed to make informed and educated decisions about pursuing your claim.in-car-accidents

When faced with a contested claim regarding workplace injury, your best interest will be to get legal counsel from an experienced and qualified lawyer. If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, you may also be eligible for compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and in cases that involve permanent injury, loss of future income and inhibited earning capacity.

While a personal injury lawyer won’t guarantee success, but he or she will put you in a position with higher chances of success. Many lawyers will view your case and work with you on a contingency fee basis.

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